Getting Rid of Double Chins With Neck Liposuctions

Double chins are very common conditions. Also known as submental fat, a double chin is basically a layer of excess fat that collects under the chin and around the jawline. 

Double chins have become the main concern for many patients, especially that nowadays everyone is seeking to obtain a sharp look that reflects youth and beauty. Often, a double chin is associated with gaining weight, but that’s actually not always the case. It’s often due to a person’s lifestyle, genetics or medical conditions.

There are numerous causes for having a double chin, and a person can have multiple etiologies for her/his double chin. The most common cause is fat excess in the middle part of the neck as well as on the sides. Patients are encouraged to lose weight but neck fat is frequently very hard to get rid of. Therefore, options to remove the extra fat are offered to the patient: Minimally invasive liposuction and fat dissolving injections are the most commonly used and efficient techniques to get rid of the extra fat.

Getting Rid of Double Chins

Fat Dissolving Injections 

Fat dissolving injections are made of deoxycholic acid with and without phosphatidylcholine and sessions are performed every 3-4 weeks. The success rate of these injections ranges between 30 and 70%. For better results, the patient should opt for a neck liposuction.

Neck Liposuction

A Neck Liposuction is a simple clinic procedure done under local anesthesia during 30-45 minutes. The procedure is performed through a 3-4 mm submental hidden incision and in rare cases, bilateral hidden incisions are made behind the ears to access the extreme lateral neck fat. 

Patients are asked to wear a band 24 hours per day for 2 weeks then only while sleeping the following month. Although applying a band for 2 weeks can affect the patients’ social life, it is essential to respect that in order to reposition the skin over the underlying tissues and avoid having a saggy mid-chin skin. 

Many new technologies were developed and used in our clinic and ultimately, the technique with the best clinical results was adopted for higher patients’ satisfaction and long term results.

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