IMCAS 2020 Georges Ziade

Thread Lifting – IMCAS 2020, Paris

During the world renowned IMCAS (International Master Course on Aging Science) 2020 held in Paris, Dr. Georges Ziade was among the world best plastic and cosmetic surgeons united to share their experience in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery.

He shared his techniques and ideas in advanced thread lifting as well as a scientific study about longterm results and patient satisfaction. To mention that thread lifting can be used as a non-surgical tool for facelift, neck lift, eyebrow lift (ponytail lift and cat eyes), cheek rotation, jawline definition, and nose lift.

The usage of new threads made of polycaprolactone and polylactic acid will make the results last up to 3 years compared to PDO threads threads (not used by Dr. Ziade) where the results last only for 4-6 months. His lecture presented in IMCAS 2020 is now part of the scientific online library of IMCAS Academy.