Dr. Georges Ziade’s Interviews on Facial Plastic Surgery Topics

Find all of Dr. George Ziade’s interviews on Hia Magazine, Choufijdid, MTV & more. Topics covered: Facial Plastic Surgery & Procedures.

Interview on Rotana Fm, November 19

Interview on MTV, September 2019

Interview on MTV, May 2019

Facelift Interview with Hia Magazine, April 2019

Here’s the interview Dr. Georges Ziade had with Hia Magazine about The Facelift Surgery.

Neck lift Interview with Hia Magazine, April 2019

Here’s the interview Dr. Georges Ziade had with Hia Magazine about The Neck lift Surgery.

When is it necessary to have a large ear replacement or otoplasty? Interview on MBC1 February 19

Interview with Jean Hadchiti on RLL 102.5 MHZ Fm, January 2019

Dr. George Ziade discussed with Professor Jan Hadchiti the newest and best techniques used in facial and neck plastic surgery. Some basic information has been explained about Botox and Filler and how it is used in demarcating the face, treating wrinkles and injecting lips.

The best methods of face and neck lift surgery, as well as liposuction of the neck, is explained with the determination of the importance and how to stretch the face and neck muscle.

Dr. Georges Ziade was also asked about the effectiveness of the face lift strings, and he explained the importance of using specific types of face lift strings to get the desired results.

Interview on choufijdid.com, November 17

Dr. George Ziade’s view on natural beauty and cosmetic procedures – I must know the reasons before starting a cosmetic treatment.

A specialized doctor and university professor believes that plastic surgery is not only dependent on the aesthetic view but is also a scientific base based on the causes and results.

It should not be exaggerated when caring about beauty, there is no alternative to natural beauty… Dr. Ziade specializes in head, nose and throat ear surgery with a certificate from the American University of Beirut with facial and neck plastic surgery, certified in France.

Interview with Sana Nasr on Power fm 101.3 – May 3 2017 – 9h30 AM

The best rhinoplasty techniques and how to keep our natural beauty were discussed with Mrs Sana Nasr.

The different topics about nose job were elaborated like nasal tip plasty, revision rhinoplasty, and rhinoplasty with lip lift. Nasal surgery and other facial plastic procedures like facial contouring using botox and fillers, facelift, necklift,, neck liposuction, jawline definition, skin rejuvenating procedures, and many other commonly performed cosmetic procedures can be performed without changing the person’s original features and beauty.

Interview with Samira Mnayar on Sawt Lebnan 100.3 – January 9, 2017

An overview on the latest updates in Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery during an interview with Mrs Samira Kassably Mounayaron on Radio Voice of Lebanon 100.3 fm. The topic of nasal breathing was discussed and the best way to do a rhinoplasty while preserving the nasal function was elaborated.