Cosmetic Methods to Avoid Eyelids & Eyebrows to Droop

Often, with age, we start noticing a sadness in the face due to the drooping of the eyelids & eyebrows.

Raised eyebrows and eyelids tighten the features of a woman’s face. In fact, they enhance the consistency of the face and increase the beauty of the entire face though the opening of the eyes.

There are many surgical and non-surgical solutions for eyebrows and eyelid drooping, which we will cover in this article.

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What are the causes for eyelids and eyebrows to droop?

Loss of collagen with age

Skin wrinkling and droopiness happens naturally to everyone and occurs with age. Often around the 30s, the skin starts losing collagen (a protein that helps keep the skin smooth). By losing collagen, fine lines and wrinkles start showing. 

The eyelid and eyebrow areas are more prone to wrinkling. In fact, the skin is much thinner compared to the rest of the face. Ofcourse, the reasons for drooping eyebrows and eyelids differ from one person to another. 

Natural face structure

For some, at a young age, the eyebrow is already low – at or below the eye bone. Ideally, the eyebrow should be higher than the eye bone, giving a beautiful opening of the eyes and the upper part of the face.

Bad habits

Other than that, some bad habits lead to drooping eyebrows, such as sleeping frequently on one side of the eye with a pressure on the eyebrow, smoking, not drinking enough water and neglecting skin care.

The modern cosmetic methods for lifting eyebrows and eyelids

The cat eye effect and brow lift give the face a younger look. Many women try to get the effect of a “ponytail lift” by tying their hair back with the “ponytail” hairdo. But there are cosmetic methods that give natural results, if well done:


When we look at the face, we may notice some features that seem “hanging” toward the bottom, and suggest sadness, especially in the area of ​​the muscle around the eye. 

Botox brow lift elevates the height of the eyebrows. These injections relax the underlying muscles to smooth the skin on the outside and relax the muscles between the brows. It helps elevate the brows and open up the eyes, restoring the appearance of a tight eye contour. The eyes look fresh and awake.


Lip filler

In parallel and according to the need, we can use “Fillers” on the eye bone to make the eyebrow appear pulled to the top. Fillers are skin-plumping solutions that fill in wrinkles. If the drooping eyebrow was caused by sagging skin under the eyebrow, we resort here to remove the fat and excess skin from the eyelid. 

Brow thread lifts

The technique of threading is the non-surgical brow lift. A thread lift is a type of procedure wherein temporary sutures are used to produce a subtle but visible “lift” in the skin.

Instead of doing surgery to remove the loose skin, we suspend it by stitching up portions of it. The effect of this procedure pulls the skin back to lift and tighten the eyes. Some surgeons use threads that dissolve after six months. The threads we use at our clinic are the threads that begin to fade after a year and a half (with effects that last for 2-3 years). 

Brow lift

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift or forehead rejuvenation, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that lifts the eyebrow and especially its lateral border. 

Surgery is carried out either through a wound on the eyebrow (I personally do not recommend this method) or by conducting a hidden wound on the tip of the hair of the head, which is the method I use. The results are good, and also works to lift the entire temple area beautifully.

Plasma technology

Plasma is good for treating sagging eyelids, but I do not recommend it for an eyebrow lift. I use plasma technology to sagging eyelids for simple and medium cases only, and before starting this technique, it is absolutely necessary to prepare the skin to prevent pigmentation.

With regard to eyebrow lift, some people use the “nitrogen plasma” technique, but I do not recommend this procedure because it causes pigmentation even if the skin has been prepared in advance.

What to avoid after eyebrows lifting and eyelids lifting? 

There is a possibility that the patient does not get a similarity between the eyebrows, but that can be adjusted whether the procedure is with Botox, Fillers or Threading. Here are things to avoid after eyebrows lifting and eyelids lifting:

  • It is better to take a sleeping position on the back for a month, to avoid pressure on the place of the operation in the eye and eyebrow circumference.
  • Avoid hot hair tools, such as a blowdryer and anything else as well as hot water for the first two weeks.
  • Avoid applying pressure on the wound for a month.
  • Patients should not expose themselves to the sun during the first month, and apply sun cream to any wound, especially in the first year.


As with any medical or cosmetic work, there are always some potential drawbacks, and certainly patients should refer to doctors who specialize in facial plastic surgery to avoid the risks or at least reduce the possibilities of negative effects.

It is very important to avoid eyebrows that are exaggerated, leading to bad results, quite far from natural beauty. In general, whether women resort to Botox, Fillers or surgery, it is important to properly raise the eyebrows in a non perpendicular way, rather in an oblique method which will give the appearance of beautiful, natural eyebrows. 

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