All You Need to Know About Buccal Fat Removal

Most people like to have a sharp look and avoid having a chubby looking face. When taking a photo, especially a selfie, a rounded face makes you look like you gained some extra kilos. To get the desired sharp look, a soft depression between the cheeks and jawline is essential. How can you get that? With a buccal fat removal. 

What Is Buccal Fat Removal?

The best procedure to obtain the Hollywood Cheeks is the Buccal Fat Pad Removal or what we also call Bichectomy. Having a mid cheek slight depression makes both the jawline and especially the cheeks look more defined. It also makes the person look slimmer and gives her/him a much more elegant beauty. 

Buccal fat removal or Bichectomy is a surgery that helps thinning the cheeks by removing the facial fat. With this procedure we’re able to remove the fat stored in the cheek and therefore enhance cheekbones and the contours of the jawline and face. 

The term Hollywood Cheek was used because many actresses worked on having this sharp look in order to look more beautiful and be self satisfied with their look when posing for a red carpet photo or when shooting a movie.

What Makes A Good Buccal Fat Pad Removal Candidate?

Although it can have a dramatic effect on your appearance, Buccal fat removal isn’t necessarily the right solution for everyone. We obviously recommend you consult with a Facial Plastic Surgeon to determine if that surgery works for you.  

But in general, here are a few things that can help you determining whether you are a good candidate:

  • You are healthy and with a stable weight
  • Your face is neither too thin nor too narrow
  • You are a non-smoker
  • Your face is round and fuller than average
  • You have a baby face or chubby cheeks

What is the Procedure Like?

Hollywood cheek, known also as buccal fat removal or Bichectomy is a minor surgical procedure done under local anesthesia during which a hidden intra-buccal small incision is made and the buccal fat pad located in the mid-cheek is carefully removed. 

The intra-buccal incisions are closed with absorbable sutures. The whole procedure takes 40-60 minutes and the patient can resume directly after his regular life with minimal restrictions during the first 2 weeks. 

  1. You’ll be given local anesthesia in your face, this means you’ll be awake during the procedure but you won’t feel anything. 
  2. We make a hidden intra-buccal incision inside your cheek. 
  3. We apply pressure outside of your cheek to have a better visibility of the buccal fat pad.
  4. We then carefully cut and remove the fat.
  5. Finally, we close the wound with absorbable sutures. 

A facial plastic surgeon who knows facial anatomy well makes this procedure look like a very simple one because some critical structures are present in the surgical site and the surgeon needs to be knowledgeable enough to avoid harming them.

The result of this procedure is seen starting 1-3 months after the procedure and the final shape is achieved 1 year after. In some cases an additional facial lifting is requested by the patient, which can be achieved using filler injections, threads, or surgery.

What is Great About Buccal Fat Reduction? 

1. There are no visible scars

As the procedure is made from the inside of your cheeks, a Bichectomy will leave you with no visible scars. 

2. The results are permanent

Another great thing about this surgery is that the results are permanent. Once you remove the buccal fat, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. 

3. The procedure is very fast

The Hollywood Cheek-Buccal Fat Pad Removal is a very quick procedure (between 40-60 minutes) and the recovery period is quite short (you can resume activities right away).

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