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Full Skin Rejuvenation With Baby Skin Cells

The increased demand of non-surgical cosmetic options has played a huge role in the growth of skin rejuvenation therapies. Women that want to rejuvenate their skin have a big variety of anti-aging treatments to choose from. 

In this article we would like to introduce what we believe is the best treatment you can get: Baby Skin Cells.

New machines and technologies like Radiofrequency and high intensity, low intensity ultrasounds, Microneedling, Chemical peels, and more, are all treatments that are used to tighten the tissues and make the skin look radiant.

In some cases, many of those cosmetic options fail to provide the patient with the exact skin quality and glow that they are aiming for. That’s when we recommend a full skin rejuvenation through regenerative medicine, something we call: Baby Skin Cells ™. 

Stem Cells in Plastic Surgery

We will start off by explaining Stem Cells. Stem cells are a unique cell population that are characterized by self-renewal capabilities. This makes them a great option for regenerative treatments of tissues defects as well as for aesthetic procedures in plastic surgery. 

The body has the ability to heal itself. Fat cells are rich in Stem Cells and some body parts provide a better quality of fat cells than others: The fat cells of our belly and inner thighs for example, have longer longevity. That fat is processed to get its liquid that is rich in Stem Cells (Nanofat), which works as the skin-rejuvenating agent without adding any volume to the treated area. 

Skin Rejuvenation With Baby Skin Cells ™

To develop the best treatment for skin rejuvenation, we put more research into Nanofa. We wanted to get better cosmetic results as well as long lasting effects. Here’s the results of the new advances that were made:

1- High Concentration of Stem Cells

To get the higher concentration of Stem Cells, the harvesting and processing of fat cells became less traumatic. 

2- A Mix of Products

We also mixed Nanofat with other products to improve its efficacy and the durability of its effect. A processed hyaluronic acid product is added to the mix with anti-oxidation elements like Vitamin C, Vitamin E and many others. 

3- PRP

Platelet Rich Plasma prepared using the latest techniques is also added to the mix to provide more viability to the stem cells. 

And that’s when we get what we call Baby Skin Cells ™

But it’s not all about our formula. The way Baby Skin Cells ™ are injected is very important to ensure great results. In fact, we inject the final product differently. We use a sharp needle or a blunt cannula in different skin layers: inside the superficial skin/intra-dermal or a little bit deeper/sub-dermal. It all depends on the facial site and the medical indication. 

Baby Skin Cells ™ are mainly used for treating acne scars, hyperpigmentation, dark circles, and definitely used to provide a unique and long lasting skin glow. 

Get a Skin Rejuvenation Treatment with Stem Cells in Lebanon and in the UAE

Dr. Georges Ziade is a trusted facial plastic surgeon that works in Lebanon, the UAE and the Golf region. Contact us if you want to learn more about Baby Skin Cells ™.